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From: Piña Madera, Co-founder

Re: The SingALingo Preschool Spanish Program

Dear Teachers & Caregivers,

Want to help young children learn Spanish while it’s easy for them?
I will support you as you teach, delighting and engaging your kids
with activities built on how children learn.

To get kids really speaking — not just memorizing word lists — you’ll need to provide them with reasons to speak Spanish, easy language that’s useful, and a fun environment in which to practice new vocabulary. They will engage joyfully while they learn their new language.

We can help you do it!

With the SingALingo Preschool Spanish Program you’ll get a step-by-step set of learning activity plans, 4 per month for 9 months.  (36 plans) These include tons of video, audio & training support. Chants & songs galore!

With these activities, you’ll have engaging & vibrant sessions with your kids & loads of appreciation from their grown-ups.  There’s even an option to share online support with the families so kids can engage at home too!

Teaching Spanish, even if you are learning it yourself, can be a ton of fun with young kids!