The Super Power of Young Kids: Language Learning!

25 July 2017
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25 July 2017, Comments: 0

Babies can discern & mimic sounds from ANY language. Harness that Power– the sooner the better!

Babies don’t need special rings, phone booths, or gems to activate their super powers.  It just comes with that yummy, squishy package — the neurons are firing so fast you can feel the heat.  Now you know why their fuzzy heads are so warm to the touch.

They’re busy listening to sounds, categorizing them as useful / useless based on how much they hear them.

This skill — the ability to hear subtle sounds and mimic them — diminishes with age.  It explains why some foreign names are so hard for us to get straight, to remember & to say correctly (despite your best efforts!) Or why they number dishes on menus in restaurants that serve cuisine from far away lands.

Give the kids in your life a chance at an authentic accent, and provide them with the learning that matches what their brains are busiest doing, while they’re still doing it!  Babies are expert language learners.

As the Chinese proverb goes:
The best day to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best day is today.

So get started by exposing them to language through songs, relatives, caregivers, playgroups, even movies and restaurants can support your teaching…!

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