Ouch! Ha ha! Slapstick for Teaching Young Kids Spanish!

1 November 2017
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1 November 2017, Comments: 0


Get Their Attention!

Why do kids laugh when we “hurt” ourselves
or make a mess?

We don’t know…
but put a little slapstick in your Spanish Instruction to bring the giggles!

The quickest way to get a tiny to laugh — and laugh HARD — is to pretend to hurt yourself.

I swear, this works every time….! Not sure what this says about us as a species, but dang, if kids don’t think it’s a riot when parents get clumsy…!

So when I was raising my tinies, I bumped into (pun intended) a wonderful way to motivate them to use the Spanish I had taught them.

***Whenever they asked me for something in Spanish, I made a big show for them, often stubbing a toe (and grabbing it with mock pain) or stumbling or dropping something, as I RUSHED to fulfill their request.***

Same request spoken in English, brought a slow motion, no-fun reaction.

So that said, the only way this works is if you’re teaching Spanish using communicative language, like questions & answers, the way we do it at SingALingo.

Word lists are useless for communicating (unless you’re asking for a list of modes of transportation, which hasn’t really come up a lot for me naturally in conversation…)… so we say let the alphabet, the days of the week, and even the colors wait.

Those things will be introduced naturally, or later as part of a bigger curriculum, once kids have learned to ask you for stuff, or tell you about stuff.

So before this tip will work, you’ll need to get them started with asking and answering in Spanish. So focus on “Please give me___”, ” Do you want___?”, “Can I ___?”, and their answers…

Once they get a little older, questions delivered in English just aren’t heard–

*** “What? I can’t hear you.” ***

They want what they want, and if you slow it down to a painful crawl, it’ll be more efficient for them to start out asking in Spanish, won’t it?


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