When Teaching Spanish to Young Kids Doesn't Go As Planned...

18 September 2018
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18 September 2018, Comments: 0

We’ve all been there.  Things don’t always go quite as you’d hoped when engaging preschool children.

“Plan A” seemed so solid when you left home.

It met all your requirements: introduce new Spanish words, while also reviewing previously taught phrases — and it included singing, a fun game, movement, some laughs, and a built-in review…!

You were FLYING — but then — what happened!?

Suddenly everyone turned into a cat in need of herding!



The planets must have nudged out of alignment, or a gust blew in from the East, or…2 kids didn’t sleep well last night… There’s no telling what causes things to go haywire.

Meet Señor Sasa, your best friend on days like this.

He is a head-in-hole prop you can easily make from the PDF’s attached at this link.  You’ll simply print up the free pages, stick them to a manila folder, & cut a hole using the stencil provided.

There are even fun ideas for how to use it to teach/review weather, clothes, body parts, color — Pla & adorable paper doll clothing you can dress it in.

Kids will LOVE this prop — punch holes in it to keep it in your binder for those days when Friday the 13th decided to happen on a random Tuesday!

Happy Teaching!

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