Here It Is! Language-Learning with Hide & Seek

25 September 2017
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25 September 2017, Comments: 0

When you strategically set up a Hunt & Find game,
you’re doing a lot more than passing the time!

When you play it in a new language, and craft it to include vocabulary words, you’re boosting the game to real language-learning and practice.

It might be a fun game, but here’s what else happens when you engage in this game.


… motivate through curiosity

… invite active participation

… engage their sense of play, and open their mind for learning

… practice a useful phrase, easy to transfer for real communication

Use a song to deliver the language — & BOOM — you fire up the endorphins, and change the whole game!

Click to hear our chant, which uses papalote / kite as an example.
How to use  Where is ___? / ¿Dónde está___?
How to use at home or school to boost interest & vocab:

(Notice that the language varies slightly for each example below.)

A. Play traditional Hide&Seek, using the child’s name:

Where is _(name)_? / ¿Dónde está ___?
Here I am! / ¡Aquí estoy!

You know the game — the child goes and hides, and then you take a long time seeking (singing the whole time!). You look in the wrong places, while narrating the wrong places & using prepositions (UNDER the TABLE, BEHIND the COUCH, etc.). Do you see all the language that you’re exposing your child to? And they’re engaged — an open mind for learning.

B. Play a Review Game of Hunt&Find:

Where is _(object)_? / ¿Dónde está ___?
Here it is! / ¡Aquí está!

Review the vocabulary you’re learning in class by hiding objects about the room that represent your vocab words. Heck, you can even print up images of the things if you don’t have actual items… Hide them in fairly obvious places — sticking out just enough to be seen. The trick is not to just find it (so it’s ok if it’s kinda obvious), but to find the RIGHT thing, the one you’re singing about.

Sing for each item, separately.

Use that tune we provided above, plugging in your vocab word.

Or write your own tune…!


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