Daily Tasks Are Language Opportunities!

24 October 2017
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24 October 2017, Comments: 0

Teaching young children a new language?

Think about your day — you have a bunch of opportunities in your regular schedule to bring language to life!  And not only is it fun to narrate your activities using your new language, but it follows best practices for acquiring language:

  • Repeatedly hearing & using new words makes them stick.
  • Narrating the activity connects the words to their meaning.

How often do you wash hands?  Brush teeth?  Set the table?  Eat together? These are wonderful chances to practice useful phrases, and find daily reasons to communicate meaningfully in your new language.

The added bonus:

Singing lightens the mood — and just might help avoid predictable power struggles often present during transitions or less-than-favorite tasks.

Write a little tune built around phrases that narrate the task. Or find songs online.

Our En Mi Casa / In My House album has 13 original Spanish songs about things young kids do all day in their house.

Check it out here.

The video below is one of the songs you’ll hear on that CD:


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