At School

Watch this video to learn more about how the Curriculum works

Everybody wins! Educators, Families and Kids!

For Teachers:
    Kids and teacher
  • Online step-by-step curriculum, video training, and clickable audio of all vocabulary to hear proper pronunciation.

  • Words and phrases in Spanish that are useful for transitioning, teaching and playing with children.

  • Lesson plans and printable props for 20 minute lessons that are song-based, active, and playful. Kids love them!

  • Videos of each lesson to see how your lesson should look.

  • Printable Home Handouts to encourage and support families to easily use the language at home (and at the grocery store!)

  • Printable Class Connection Handouts to share with other teachers/aids to work the language into the daily routine.

  • Song CD and books to make the learning engaging, interactive, and sticky!

For Childcare Center Directors:
  • You can boast an award-winning program, which sets you apart from other centers.

  • Feel good about innovative, cutting-edge teacher-training

  • Provide an added educational element for teachers, families and kids that doesn’t require scheduling an outside instructor.

  • Freedom to use the curriculum as frequently as you wish.

  • A cost-effective program that utilizes toys commonly found in early education classrooms. No expensive props necessary!

For Families:
family dancing
  • Take home materials (choose from CD, book, DVD) to enjoy the same songs at home. Kids will often ask for the songs, and then teach the family what they’ve learned.

  • Handouts to follow along with the weekly curriculum

  • Added brain-boosting, whole-brain and body activities for their children worked into daily routines like eating, bathing, riding in the car.

  • The advantage of their children learning a 2nd language while their brain is ready and open to it.

  • Opportunities to engage with their children while learning, moving, playing -- our songs are joyful and we hear that families enjoy them as much as the kids.

  • A program that adds music and movement and 2nd language at no extra cost. More bang for their buck!.

    3 plans to choose from! Just select how much support you need.
    curriculum final  
    Bronze Plan
    Includes all Lesson Plans and Videos, Handouts, Training Videos and Audio, Props as well as 24 hour Access to our Online Resource Center.

    Silver Plan
    Includes all Bronze Plan resources with additional Interactive Training Webinars and membership to an Online Support Community Forum.

    Gold Plan
    Includes all Silver Plan resources with additional VIP Pass to Live Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions.


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    I love the creativity, joy and playful energy that pours out of every tune. Singing these songs with children is pure bliss!

    Calling all Educators!

    Are you a Preschool, Home school, After school,
    Enrichment program Teacher, Owner or Director?
    Then, read on... this is for you!
    Imagine this!

    Girl with appleA mother and daughter, who attends your child care center are at the grocery store. She inspects some fruit, puts selections into a bag. “Quieres una manzana?” asks the adult, handing one to the child. “Sí, dame la manzana!” says the child.

    “That’s great,” says a nearby mom, overhearing.

    “We’re learning together through our awesome preschool” says the parent, with a satisfying smile.

    You can have this experience too with SingALingo's Spanish Language Learning Curriculum: a comprehensive program giving you and your families an easy, affordable, enrichment opportunity that will help you stand out!

    Whole Brain, Whole Body Learning Experience

    Families can choose to engage and learn together, triggered by your work in class, and our optional, no-bake, no-mess activities you can print up and send home.

    Not only will kids learn language, but they’ll get a whole body & whole brain experience - just what scientists tell us helps to build strong, creative brains ready to learn.

    Your families look to you for advice, tips, and guidance. We can help you educate them on the value of this type of learning at this time of life -- by explaining our science-based Tricycle Learning™ method.

    Research shows that engaging children fully - like through music and movement - accelerates learning and makes it stick. Add a caring caregiver (you and their parents), and the results are magical!

    Learn Spanish for Kids

    Tricycle Learning Method


    Releases feel-good endorphins, encourages movement, and helps with memory.


    Adult participation shows that the activity is important, and a joyful approach invites them to repeat it!


    Meaningful gestures cement the learning, aid in recalling previous learning, and engages the whole body. Movement also builds bodies and releases energy.


    Builds brain connections, aids literacy, and widens vocabulary.

    I teach preschool Spanish and the kids love SingALingo songs. They teach lots of common vocabulary and structures with enough repetition that my students learn the words easily!