Spanish Language Learning Curriculum for Preschool Age Kids

Calling all Educators and Homeschoolers...

    • Are you looking for new activities to do with your toddlers and preschoolers?
    • Do you long for beaming faces begging you for “more"?!
    • Would you love to learn new teaching methods you can use in everything you do?

    Sound too good to be true?
    Here’s a little known secret….

    When kids learn together with upbeat, giggle-making music and movement it makes them not only feel good and remember more – it builds their brains and bodies too!
    Just like magic!

    Want to know more?

    Introducing SingALingo's SingALessons Spanish Language learning Curriculum for preschoolers!

I love the creativity, joy and playful energy that pours out of every tune. Singing these songs with children is pure bliss!

Based on the Tricycle Learning Method, our three year curriculum is an award-winning song and actions based language learning program chock full of innovative online resources and built-in teacher training modules for learning everyday practical Spanish language.

Not a native Spanish speaker? No problem!

Designed by educators for educators, the curriculum can be taught by teachers with little or no prior Spanish knowledge. All the training and support materials are included in the online resource center, where you can access lesson plans and get step by step video instruction including a variety of creative and effective teaching methods that you will find useful in other classroom activities and even with kids at home!

Watch this video to learn more about how the Curriculum works

I teach preschool Spanish and the kids love SingALingo songs. They teach lots of common vocabulary and structures with enough repetition that my students learn the words easily!

Everybody wins! Educators, Families and Kids!

For Teachers:
    Kids and teachers love SingAlingo
  • Online step-by-step curriculum, video training, and clickable audio of vocabulary

  • Words and phrases in Spanish - useful for transitioning, teaching and playing with children.

  • 20 minute, song-based, interactive Lesson plans and printable props. Kids love them!

  • Videos of each lesson to see how your lesson should look.

  • Printable Home Handouts to encourage and support families to easily use the language at home

  • Printable Class Connection Handouts to share with other teachers/aids to work the language into the daily routine.

  • Song CD and books to make the learning engaging, interactive, and sticky!

For Preschool Directors:
  • Feel good about innovative, cutting-edge teacher-training

  • Provide an added in-house, educational element for teachers, families and kids.

  • Freedom to use the curriculum at your pace.

  • A cost-effective program that utilizes toys commonly found in early education classrooms. No expensive props necessary!

  • You can boast an award-winning program, which sets you apart from other centers!

For Families:
Ponte a Bailar dancing
  • Take home materials to enjoy the same songs at home

  • Handouts to follow along with the weekly curriculum

  • Added brain-boosting, whole-body activities for children worked into daily routines like eating, bathing, riding in the car.

  • Benefits of 2nd language learning while young brains are most receptive.

  • More opportunities to engage with children using songs that parents rave about too!

  • More value from a preschool investment!


    We love hearing the reactions and feedback from educators and their kids when they experience SingALingo's Spanish Curriculum for the first time! We are committed to keeping the program affordable and accessible to as many preschool kids as possible.

    The Curriculum is delivered through a membership program to enable us to provide you with new and bonus materials and ongoing support. Plans start below $20 per month per teacher and can be taught to as many kids that you have in your care…yes, even if you have 50 kids that’s less than $5 a week for a program that will have them singing, humming and dancing long after the lesson ends!

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