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Looking to introduce your child to a second or even third language and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone?EMC-CD-Awards-Seal_200x200_72dpi

SingALingo’s award-winning, multi-sensory language learning products can help you introduce a new language in an interactive, playful and intuitive way that is proven to stay in your child’s memory for a long time!

Based on the scientifically proven principle that kids learn best when multiple sense are engaged, our songs go beyond naming nouns and colors and numbers. We teach useful language in context—so kids can learn Spanish, Chinese or English phrases about typical activities they do in their daily routines.

Kids just love to sing, move and learn when it’s presented in a fun, energetic, playful way to our infectious, play-it-again music!

Age groups

SingALingo language learning products are a perfect introduction to Spanish, Chinese and English for Babies through Elementary school ages and add an educational, fun-filled boost to playgroups and preschool programs.

In just one weekend with En Mi Casa I have learned more Spanish than in the last 15 months with other methods.

With original upbeat music that your kids will want to hear over again, our initial music CD’s contain 17 songs that narrate the activities of daily life for fast and easy language learning. Available in Spanish, Chinese and English each song is sung in the native language and has translated lyrics printed inside the CD jacket for caregivers to engage in the learning experience. Reviewers rave about the music and parenting organizations and publications have recognized SingALingo with multiple prestigious awards!
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Singable Books

Singable book in Spanish for kids

Good Night, Friends, a beautifully illustrated book – available in Spanish, Chinese and English – allows young children to follow a young boy (Leo) and his animal friends as he gets ready for bed. Caregivers can sing to their little ones as they narrate Leo’s routine to the tune of the Good Night song on the CD. Kids are entranced as they fall gently asleep to the beautiful melodies while they create lasting memories of the new language. Find these books in our store!

SAL_DVD-thumbnail Get ready for a wonderful musical journey with fun, playful songs, skits and illustrations as you are guided through the daily routine In My House! Available in Spanish, with available English and Spanish subtitles, In My House is a multi-sensory learning experience of upbeat, energetic original music, paired with movements designed to entrain into memory together with highlighted on-screen subtitles in a choice of languages. Multiple playback options let you choose what part of the house or time of day to focus on or simply which language you wish to emphasize.

A joyful learning experience for all... from sunrise to sunset!

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Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum

SingALingo offers a full 3 year Learn to Speak Spanish Curriculum being taught in preschools today.

The curriculum was developed by combining our original songs with knowledge of how the young brain learns and years of experience in creating educational tools. Suitable for preschool teachers with a basic command of Spanish, the curriculum has various plans that include different levels of ongoing support from a SingAlingo Coach.

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The songs are simple, catchy and vibrant enough to get you up and moving. A must for every early childhood classroom!

A Word About Our Packaging

SingALingo -- a socially responsible company -- cares deeply about our environmental footprint. Our CD’s, Books and DVD’s are designed to minimize the use of plastics and to use environmentally-friendly materials, papers and inks whenever possible.

We also offer our songs as downloadable MP3’s for those of you who want to sample our songs or wish to avoid packaging all together.

We hope you enjoy!

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