Tricycle Learning Method

The Tricycle Learning methodTM
At SingALingo our language learning products are based on a simple scientifically-proven principle; Kids learn best when multiple senses are activated.

Learning a second language through music and movement is not only an effective learning strategy, it also aids retention of that learning and helps build a healthier brain.  

Why this happens
    • Music stimulates the emotions which expands and intensifies memory storage (thing about the memories associated with your favorite song!)
    • Movement invigorates the brain, focuses attention and engages the memory (remember learning to ride a bike?)
    •  Language like music is comprised of patterns, sounds and intonations. Rhythmic skills enhance language learning abilities (recall learning your ABC’s?)

There’s an added bonus too!
When language learning takes place with engaging interactions by loving caregivers stronger neural networks are built and the effects are amplified.

All three wheels of the tricycle roll in unison to build momentum and move the learning forward.  Add a loving caregiver to support the experience and the child will soar!
Think back to when you or your child took their first ride on a tricycle and recall the memories and the sense of accomplishment that you felt!