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Our Passion

Like you, we want to set our kids up to thrive in tomorrow’s fast-changing world.

Do you ever wonder:
    • What skills do my kids need now to flourish in a world we can’t even imagine?
    • If the material they learn today will still be relevant by the time they graduate?
    • How do I fit in extra activities and enrichment? There’s only so much I can do!
    • As a caregiver, how do I make sure I don’t miss any critical learning periods or opportunities?
We understand

As professionals with decades of experience in education, childhood development and family psychology we know the challenges parents face.

When we became parents we were inspired! We combined our passion for language and music with our curiosity and knowledge of the science of learning. This powerful combo is enabling our 2 boys to develop healthy brains, bodies and habits that will set them up with success skills for life - whatever the future may bring!

We are good sharers!

We created SingALingo so that more families and teachers could benefit from our work. We share our original songs, methods and activities based on research and what we know about how kids learn, think, and engage with their world. Our goal is simple: to aid other caregivers in some way to shape the citizens of tomorrow by providing some tools to help kids boost their innate skills and abilities to meet the coming challenges with healthy habits, robust brains and open hearts.

How we can help you

We have created products and tools for you to use at home or at school to educate, entertain and engage your children in a way that makes learning fun! Check out our Curriculum, CD's, Books and DVD's and sign-up to receive regular Tips and Ideas for creative Learning Methods delivered directly to your in-box. We hope you enjoy these products and tools as much as we have enjoyed creating them!.

I emailed SingALingo for advice about teaching Spanish to our daughter. She responded right away with useful tips!

Educators -- interested in getting Tips and Ideas for Creative Teaching Methods in your Preschool Classroom?

Products and Company

We are a socially responsible company passionate about preparing kids to thrive in a fast-changing world through music, movement and second language learning.

For families we wrote and produced award winning songs, books and videos in Spanish, Chinese and English for preschool children to learn useful language that can be integrated into everyday routines.

For educators we developed a comprehensive, online preschool Spanish Curriculum with in-built teacher training of our creative teaching methods .

We are committed to supporting underprivileged kids and those in need and give a portion of our profits to various children’s charities.


SingALingo, Inc. was founded by Michael and Piña Madera in 2009, the bilingual parents of 2 boys residing in Acton, Massachusetts. Committed to raising them Spanish bilingual, Michael and Piña constantly look towards their children for inspiration for developing new songs and learning tools for SingALingo.

Michael Madera, Psy.D. is co-founder, Chief Musician and Operations Guru.

Coming from a bilingual family Michael was inspired to learn Spanish in Elementary school, where he also expressed his love of music learning to play piano, drums, bass and guitar. In his teens, Michael began songwriting and played in a rock and roll band during high school.

After receiving a B.A. and an M.A in Spanish, Michael became interested in psychology, deciding to pursue a career in behavioral health. He later received his doctorate in Psychology and was trained to work with adults and families, in English and Spanish. He continued to play music and operated a small recording studio during graduate school.

In addition to contributing to SingALingo, Michael currently works in organizational psychology, and finds time to write and perform music with his rock band, The Groove Pops.

Piña Madera, M.A. is co-founder, Creative Genius and Research Curator.

Responsible for developing the SingALingo preschool Curriculum, Piña is also the primary performer and songwriter on each of CD’s and DVD’s in Spanish, Chinese and English.

Raised bilingual by a Mexican mother and American father, Piña’s parents felt it was important for her to connect with her Mexican heritage.

At age six, Piña discovered a passion for music and began playing the piano taking lessons twice a week for 11 years. In high school, she began teaching music lessons to young children after school, where she first discovered her love for teaching.

Piña went on to attend Brown University, acquiring a B.A. in Creative Writing and later a M.A. in English & American Literature from the University of New Mexico. After college, Piña began her career as an educator and has been teaching and developing products for teachers ever since.

Prior to founding SingALingo, Piña ran the Upward Bound educational programs for high school students for five years. She has created many classroom props for teachers as well as numerous teaching materials, including textbooks for ESL students and computer-based training programs for retailers.

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