Language Chants are Like Jumping Rope!

16 May 2018
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16 May 2018, Comments: 0

Oh, the power of song…!

We have seen kids light up, learn better, move & want MORE when we set language-learning to music — it’s magic.  

Add gestures, & now you’ve brought the learning into the whole body.


SingALingo’s Catchy Transition Chants!

Below are a few of the chants that drive our Preschool Spanish Program (36 activities & support for learning our Sing-A-Licious approach).

Three reasons to use these chants with YOUR tinies TODAY!

  •  Smoothify (!) your transitions — soothe the inner beast that rails against change, while also using the gap time to actually reinforce language.
  •  Be sneaky with grammar & vocabulary — this same chant is used for a variety of transitions: Let’s go ___! Replicating the same sentence structure for a variety of meanings quietly teaches them how to make a sentence. Pop anything in at the end, and you’re actually communicating!
  • Chants with gestures aid understanding & memory — invite them to move their bodies to express the meaning — creating whole body learning, & cementing the meanings.

How to do it!

Click to hear the audio files below.  The audio plays the chant once.  We recommend you repeat the chant several times before stopping.  

Kids need to hear language, & repeating the chant gives them a chance to join in after they’ve heard it a few times. It’s like jumping rope

Remember when your two friends would hold the rope, swinging it for you & singing? And you’d stand to the side, waiting for the right moment to jump into the turning rope?

Remember how hard that was at first?  But then you GOT it… the regular slap of the rope, keeping the rhythm of the tune, the rhymes helping — and with a flash of courage, you took flight — suddenly you were IN, flying, singing and jumping to the rhythm of the rhyme…




Let’s go __!

Swap out the last word for other transitions.

¡Vamos a cantar!
¡Vamos a jugar!
¡Vamos a contar!
Let’s go sing!
Let’s go play!
Let’s go count!




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