5 FB Groups & Pages for Teaching Children Spanish

6 April 2018
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6 April 2018, Comments: 0

If you haven’t given up on Facebook yet,
here are a few sites to help you teach Spanish to kids!

Some of these require approval to join the group — so go ahead & ask!

If you are a parent/guardian raising bilingual kids, maybe this goes without saying, but you are essentially their language teacher, and will find a lot that’s relevant in a teacher’s discussion group.

There is a ton of sharing of ideas on these posts… go check them out!

Elementary, Middle & High Spanish Teachers by J.Uriz — discussion about teaching

Spanish Playground — reviews, advice, tips, an amazing resource!

Teaching Spanish to Children — discussion about teaching

Mommy Maestra — homeschooling, Latino culture, teaching tips

And of course, ours:

SingALingo — Tips for teaching language to young children & other resources.

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